Deliciously smelly gifts aren’t just enticing for you

Pets respond to heat differently than humans. Keep these tips in mind when preparing for the summer.

The Heart and Soul of Ralston Vet
The mission of Ralston Vet is to support our patient’s emotional and physical well-being while serving every family member; every time.

Preventative medicine is best medicine
Wellness testing usually identifies abnormal results in around 30% of apparently healthy dogs and 25% of apparently healthy cats. But the good news is, many issues, when caught early by wellness testing, can be treated successfully and cost-effectively.

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst – microchip your pet!
Microchipping your pet is quick, inexpensive, and easy. If you’d like to discuss microchipping during your next visit , please let us know. Also, if your pet is already microchipped, we strongly encourage you to double check their registration information on a regular basis to ensure your most up-to-date contact information is listed.
Your Pet’s First Vet Visit
What does your pet’s first veterinary visit look like? Check out our video to learn everything we’ll cover, plus tips to use to make the getting here easier!
Spay and Neuter Your Pets For A Longer Life!
Spayed and neutered cats live 39% and 62% longer than those who don’t have the procedure! For dogs, that’s 23% and 18%. The benefits of spaying and neutering don’t stop there. For more information, make an appointment today!

Ear Cleaning 101
Watch for our step-by-step instructions and the materials you need to clean your pet’s ears!
Laser therapy
Did you know that laser therapy can help with pet arthritis, joint pain, and torn ligaments? There is more than meets the eye for this amazing service:

Reverse Sneeze vs a cough

Sneezing and coughing can mean very different things, and these can also be different in cats and dogs. Here are our tips on knowing when to worry