Help your pets live longer. Spayed and neutered cats live 39% and 62% longer than those who don’t have the procedure! For dogs, that’s 23% and 18%. The benefits of spaying and neutering don’t stop there. For more information, make an appointment today

Doggie Bags Are Not For Dogs. People Food ≠ Dog Food

The food we eat can be too rich, spicy or even poisonous for our pups! Even if they really want a nibble of our dinner, it’s best to give them a dog treat instead.

Leave no ear, tooth, or paw untouched…

Getting your pup accustomed to having their teeth, ears and paws touched will not only make your at-home, routine care easier, it will also greatly reduce the stress your pup may experience at our practice and at the groomer.

Pet Lumps and Bumps: The Benefits of Early Detection. Some of the scariest monsters for a pet owners are the lumps and bumps, but often these monsters aren’t so tough- especially when they’re discovered and treated early!