Welcome RalstonVet families! We wanted to take a brief moment to talk about preventive visits and speak on the elephant in the room, that these visits can get costly quickly. We know that you want the best care for your pet and would do whatever it takes to keep them as happy and healthy as long as possible. Preventive visits with the exams, vaccines, blood tests, stool checks, and preventions, for nasty and deadly parasites, can add up quickly all at one visit. We don’t want finances to be that barrier. We want to help every family and their pets to get the best care possible every single time.

With that being said, we are now excited to offer Preventive Care Plans! These Care Plans can start at puppy and kitten visits all the way up to senior dogs and cats. These low monthly payment plans make it easier than ever to give your pet the best preventive care possible without the stress of a large one time payment. Please check out our plan options below and ask us about our Care Plans at your next preventive visit! Thank you to all of you who spoke on what your family needs were, so we could continue to build lasting relationships with pet families together all while keeping our guarantee of serving every family member every time.

**Ralston Vet Preventive Care Plans are NOT Pet Insurance**