Simply log into your pet records,  click on prescriptions tap, choose your medications you need to refill and click refill.

Online ordering is available from Vets First Choice, Ralston Vets Online Pharmacy. ( Also known as Covetrus.) Your medications will be delivered to your home.

Call (402) 331-6322 press 4 and leave a message, any time , 24/7. Please allow 24 hours for us to refill your medication. Medications received after hours will be filled the next business day.

all in house refill orders will be confirmed for pick up by preferred contact method (voice, text, email) once they have been doctor approved and filled.

Many pet parents are seeking lower prices for medications needed by their pets through the use of online pet pharmacies. The advantage to the consumer has been reduced pricing and the convenience of home delivery, rather than having to visit a veterinarian’s office to fill or refill prescriptions.

The disadvantages, which are often unapparent or simply overlooked, include the risk of these online medications being counterfeit, expired or nearing their expiration date and potentially being improperly stored (e.g., too hot or too cold), damaging the drug and reducing the effectiveness and even the safety.

Refilling Antibiotics:

 You may be aware of emerging disease threats such as MRSA, MRSI, and flesh-eating bacteria. We see these strains of dangerous bacteria in veterinary medicine as well. Therefore, we may not be able to fill requests for antibiotics without your pet being seen.
If a condition is not responding to antibiotics as it should, or if the condition is recurring, we may need to perform a skin, ear, or urine culture to check for possible antibiotic resistance. Underlying allergies and hormonal conditions also lead to recurring infections. Please be patient if your pet experiences these frustrating repeat infections and understand why we cannot simply refill antibiotics over the phone.

About other refills:

We understand that your time is valuable and bringing your pet in can be stressful.   However, your pet may need to be examined by a veterinarian first for several important reasons.   For example, long term use of certain medications can lead to other more serious medical health conditions.   Consequently, an examination and diagnostic testing may need to be performed to ensure your pet’s health.

In addition, we are required by Nebraska State Law to maintain a proactive veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) prior to dispensing or refilling medications. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) have determined industry guidelines in defining the VCPR. These guidelines state “…the veterinarian has examined the patient within the last 12 months or more recently as dictated by the age or medical condition of the patient.” Ralston Vet follows the industry guidelines. If you have any questions about refilling a prescription, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more information about the Nebraska Statutes Relating to Veterinary Drug Distribution Licensing Act; click here to go to Dhhs.Ne.Gov