B. Witzel, D.V.M.​

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Dr. Witzel graduated from Ohio State University in 1989. She practiced in the Chicago area approximately 18 years.

February of 2008, she successfully talked her husband into moving back here to her home town of Omaha (although now she does admit to missing Lake Michigan). 

Dr Witzel

They brought with them their two dogs and two rabbits.  When not working, Dr. Witzel enjoys gardening, shopping and going to the beach.


Our clients say

“Dr. Witzel is the most kind and compassionate human being/vet. She listens attentively to my concerns and anxiety regarding my pets---outlines with explicit detail my options---she is the best.”
“ Saundra S.
"Dr. Witzel is wonderful with my cat and her knowledge in explaining things so I can understand is outstanding.”
Sherry F.
“Everything was great Dr. Witzel was awesome Holly doesn’t even cry when she gets her shots she answers my questions and concerns” .
Mary M