Pet Insurance, Yes or No?

Pet insurance. Do you have it? Have you thought about it? Are you wanting to get it? Well, we are here to give you some things to consider about pet insurance. What are things to look for in a plan? When would it be of use? Why does your pet need it? Why would you not want an insurance plan? You and your family have health insurance, you have car and homeowners insurance, and so should your pet. Most plans cover preventive visits, accidents and medications. How many times have you said you wish you could claim your pet on taxes or that the bill wasn’t so high? Too many times to count, right? We hear it all the time, that healthcare for your pet can be expensive. Did you know that insurance companies reimburse you for certain services or products purchased during that visit?
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Canine Influenza Update

Due to recent outbreaks of Canine Influenza at dog shows in the south eastern portion of the US, Ralston Vet is recommending dogs traveling to areas with outbreaks be vaccinated for Canine Influenza. We will be vaccinating patients 7 weeks of age and older at high risk of infection with a Canine Flu vaccine. This vaccine covers both the H3N2 and H3N8 strains of the virus. To achieve immunity your dog must be vaccinated and then receive a booster vaccine 2-4 weeks later
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Why does my pet need a nose to tail exam?

Preventive pet healthcare is a very important role in your pet’s life. Just as we see the dentist at least twice a year or your physician annually, your pet also needs to see their doctor at least once a year for a checkup other than times when they aren’t feeling well. These checkups are important for your pet to receive a physical exam to check for any changes or new concerns that have come up as well as giving the vaccinations needed and checking samples. Every year, your pet needs a physical examination done. We call these our Preventive Care Exams. Click here To find out more.



Why does my cat hate the vet’s office?

Have you ever told your vet that your cat hates coming in? Do you struggle with getting them into the carrier to go to the vets? Many cat owners deal with this battle. You are not alone. Our furry feline friends are very smart and find ways to out trick us, so they can escape the visit. Have you ever thought about why your cats put up a fight? Have you ever thought how you or your vet’s office can help your cat become less stressed? We have some tips and solutions on getting your baby into the clinic and why they fear going to the vets.

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Watch out for the Rays

Heat Stoke
“His temp is reaching 108 F.” Veterinarian giving instructions states “Alright team lets get this going. Start cooling him off with water and ke“His temp is reaching 108 F.” Start cooling him off with water and keep checking that thermometer. It’s important to bring down his temperature, but not too fast.” The dog above is in a critical state. The pet is suffering from heat stroke. Are you curious as to how this happened? Click here To find out more.




Is your pet afraid of loud noises?

What is a noise phobia?
This is an exaggerated irrational response to a noxious stimuli (thunder, lightning, barometric pressure change).
Treatment options:
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Dental day for Ruby

This is Ruby. She is here at Ralston Vet for her dental examination. At her last appointment, her veterinarian recommended that she comes in for this procedure, because there is only so much that can be seen in an awake dog or cat. This is a guide to show you what happens when you bring your pet in for this same procedure.
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How Cold is to Cold

There is no hard and fast number as to what constitutes weather that is too cold. Keep in mind that your pet is used to your house temperature. So if you are not comfortable and have to bundle up, your pet could potentially be in danger. Keep these tips in mind when the old man winter comes to visit. Click on the link Click here to learn more about protecting your pet.





Dog Days of summer

Keep your pets cool in the heat of summer outside and inside. As the heat of summer rises we may not always think about how it might affect our pets. The heat does not only include the temperature, pet owners must think about the humidity levels also. Here are a few tips to keep your pet safe and cool this summer. Click on the link Click here to learn more about protecting your pet.





The importance of preventative care exam

Many diseases and conditions can be prevented easily and cost-effectively through vaccinations, yearly exams, monthly preventative treatments and diagnostic testing. The preventative care exam is a head to tail exam that checks your pet’s eyes, ears, mouth, mobility, skin and hair coat, hair, lungs, abdomen, lymph nodes and tail for any abnormalities. For more information.





Flea and tick Killer thats easy to give your dog

Are you tired of that greasy, topical flea and tick product? If your answer is yes, then welcome to NexGard. Nexgard is a new 30 day beef flavored soft chew to prevent and kill fleas and the American Dog Tick for dogs. For more information.



Mac Is Lucky

Submitted by Bob W.
Nov 1,2012

On October 1st, an emergency came in. It was a very unique situation with a happy ending, we wanted to share Mac's story with you.
I get so excited when the ball goes in the lake, because I love to run as fast as I can and jump as far as I can before hitting the water. But that got me in trouble one awful Monday afternoon. Bob threw the ball for me way out into the lake. Even though it wasn't the direct line to the ball, I decided if I took a detour off the dock for more






Chiminey's first puppy bath

Submitted by Kasia Pitkin
Customer Relation Specialist
June 26, 2012

My husband and I recently added 2 Shih-Tzu mix puppies, "Maybell" and "Chiminey" to our family which already include "BK" our toy Poodle and "Geeberz" Poodle mix. Since bringing the puppies home, we have done everything "by the book" which includes introducing: 1) puppies to a new house 2) introducing BK & Geeberz to their new roommates and 3) touching their feet, mouth and ears to get them ready for GROOMING and future medical care. BK & Geeberz are used to being groomed. Raising Geeberz from a puppy, we played with her feet and ears, and gave her baths on regular basis. BK, a rescue dog, puts up with grooming because she tends to be too scared to do anything. We started grooming our dogs because, honestly, we didn't want to shell out the bucks for a groomer. They aren't always "pretty" but we get the job done. more







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